Taking the next step in
growing minority businesses




My Bud Life®, the female inspired cannabis brand behind My Bud Vase®, and Emerald Media Group, a digital and print platform for modern consumers — have partnered to create the Walk the Walk Collaborative, a business-building journey for minority-owned cannabis companies. During the process, these companies will combine resources to consult, create and connect entrepreneurs to experts in the industry, providing them with a personalized plan of action, and storytelling services.

The project doesn’t just take entrpreneurs on the journey — but also invites audiences to follow along. Viewers can watch videos that showcase the collaborative process; offer support in the form of services or funds; or join the collaborative by applying, or nominating a business to be featured. Doreen Sullivan, ultraprenuer and founder of My Bud Life®, and Christina de Giovanni, award winning marketer and founder of Emerald Media, are both driven by a mutual desire to build equity in the cannabis industry.

After the death of George Floyd, and in response to the social justice movement — Sullivan and de Giovanni wanted to take action. They combined their teams, and formed the Walk the Walk Collaboration with the goal of taking the next steps in growing minority-founded companies.

“Working in the cannabis industtry becomes more special when you love who you work with,” de Giovanni says of the collaborative process. “The relationship between Emerald Media and My Bud Life stems back to 2017, when entreprenuers came together to build up one another. Today, we continue that effort by supporting women-founded and minority-owned businesses.”

“In this chaotic world we live in, moving forward step by step can sometimes help us the most,” explains Sullivan. “The objective of this collaboration is to help minority businesses take their next steps through sharing our experiences and resources. I hope this program shows just how possible it is to take action, not just talk the talk – but walk the walk for others to succeed.”


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